Florida Air Academy Military School

Florida Air Academy is Florida’s premier college preparatory and military school. We offer day and boarding opportunities for young men and women in grades 6 – 12 as they grow in academics, character and leadership.

Boys and Girls, Grades 6-12.

1950 South Academy Drive
Melbourne, FL 32901
Tel: (321) 723-3211
Toll Free: 877-422-2338


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Eckerd Youth Alternatives Florida

Founded in 1968, Eckerd Youth Alternatives is a pioneering youth services organization dedicated to helping kids succeed. Through some 40 Eckerd programs nationwide more than 80,000 youth have another chance; hope for a brighter future. Today, Eckerd Youth Alternatives is one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit providers of services for at-risk and high-risk youth and their families. Develop and share programs that promote the well-being of children and serve at-risk youth and their families.

Boys and Girls, 10-17.

P.O. Box 7450
Clearwater, FL 33758-7450
Tel. 727-461-2990
1-800-554-HELP (4357)
Fax 727-442-5911


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Edgewood Childrens Ranch Boarding School Florida

As of 2002, Edgewood Children’s Ranch has had nearly a 90% success rate serving more than 3600 frightened, troubled boys and girls. In 2001 there were 93 children who benefited from the program and 129 parents were provided with parenting classes.

Through its residential coeducational program for boys and girls, ages 6-17, the Ranch today is able to accommodate more than 70 children at a time. Yet the methods and goals are the same as in 1966 – love and prayer, bringing about mended hearts and lives.

Boys and Girls, Ages 6-17.

1451 Edgewood Ranch Rd
Orlando, FL 32835-5104
(407) 295-2464


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Pasadena Villa Mental Illness Treatment Center Florida

Pasadena Villa is an innovator in residential, transitional and support services for adults with cognitive, emotional and social disorders. We have created an environment in all of our continuum offerings that is safe, comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly, highly professional.

Male and Female, Ages 18 and over.

625 Virginia Drive
Orlando, FL 32803
Local: 407.246.0887
Toll-free: 877.845.5235


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Sarasota Military Academy Florida

The mission of The Sarasota Military Academy is to provide high school students the highest quality education possible, incorporating the principles of leadership, discipline, patriotism, and honor in a military environment. Our primary intent is to enable students to become exemplary citizens and to help them shape their futures into satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Boys and Girls, Ages not specified.

801 N Orange Ave
Sarasota, FL 34236
Telephone: 941-926-1700
Fax: 941-926-1701
email: daniel_kennedy@srqit.sarasota.k12.fl.us


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Vanguard Private Boarding School
The Vanguard experience is designed to transform our students’ potential into personal and academic achievements. We catch our students up, move them ahead, and prepare them for college and beyond.

Boy & Girls grades 9-12


The Vanguard School
22000 U.S. Highway 27
Lake Wales, FL 33859-6858

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TRAVERSE is a program of experiential group therapy which works with an equestrian theme to assist children in the healing process from trauma or loss. Horsemanship provides the context and motivation for group treatment which integrates relationship, developmental, cognitive, behavioral, trauma, and group theory. The program is specifically designed to meet the needs of children who have been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, or children who have lost family to death or divorce. Empowerment is the hallmark of healing from victimization and managing a 1,000 pound horse at a lope is undeniably empowering.

Beginning in 1994 TRAVERSE started providing services to individual children who had been referred by a local mental health agency. While each of the children had been diagnosed as severely disturbed and treatment had been initiated in a traditional mental health setting, the childrens’ persistent opposition to, or refusal of, this treatment, rendered it useless. After a year of working in an accepting, supportive, and challenging environment with horses, each of these children showed significant improvement in family adjustment, and school performance. Additionally, they each attended a community horse show and ribbon. This success was the catalyst for the implementation of a formal, group program in 1996 with similar positive results. In May, 2008, the “Storm Riders” were the 20th group to graduate from the program.

Over the years, TRAVERSE has spent much time and effort in professionalizing its program. Organizational tasks, such as securing a 501(c)3 from the Internal Revenue Service and tax-exempt status from the state were important first steps. TRAVERSE attained the status of a NARHA PREMIER ACCREDITED CENTER in 2002.

Boys & Girls ages 8-16. Parents must be able to transport to and from the facility.

Contact Info
11700 North 58th Street Suite C Temple Terrace, FL 33617

(813) 980-3488

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VisionQuest’s residential programs provide a powerful “time out” that allows young people to clarify the past, deal with the present, and prepare for the future. We offer a variety of programs to meet different kinds of needs. But regardless of setting or focus, young people at all of our residential programs engage in a full program of academic, therapeutic, and personal development based on the VisionQuest Medicine Wheel.

Visions Adolescent Drug Abuse Treatment Program is designed to serve males and females, ages 13 to 18, with drug and alcohol and dual diagnosis related problems.

Guided Centering Programs (Franklin PA, South Mountain PA) – A highly supervised and regimented living environment in which a young person’s behavior can be stabilized, presenting problems can be addressed, and plans for the future can be developed. Typical length of stay is 90 days.

Full Circle Programs for Young Men (Elfrida AZ, Okeechobee FL, Altoona FL, Cambridge MD, New Lisbon NJ, Franklin PA) – Longer term programs for young men designed to build a firm foundation for future success. Focus is on educational achievement, personal growth, resolution of behavioral health issues, and preparation for adulthood. Typical length of stay is 4-12 months.

Madalyn Programs for Young Women (Elfrida AZ, Okeechobee FL, New Lisbon NJ, South Mountain PA) – Therapeutic residential program specifically designed for the needs and aspirations of adolescent girls. Typical length of stay is 4-12 months.

Group Homes (Tucson AZ, Phoenix AZ, Magnolia NJ, Washington PA) – Each designed with a particular focus, the group homes offer a more community-oriented, family-like living situation with full-time supervision by VisionQuest staff. Length of stay is flexible based on needs.

New Directions Shelter and Diagnostic Center (Embreeville PA) – Provides an alternative approach for youth awaiting court disposition and a safe-haven for young people in the midst of a family crisis.

Main Office Address

352 Marshallton-Thorndale Road
Downingtown, PA 19335


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CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

9680 Fairgrounds Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

(561) 333-0664



A residential treatment facility for male offenders between the ages of 13-18. This facility is considered a Level 8 (high risk) residential facility. The average length of stay for the youth is 9-12 months. The facility provides supervision of youth in a safe, secure and humane environment. Services for youth include: case management, mental health and substance abuse services, medical and psychiatric services, and educational and vocational services.  While in the program, youth attend public school, which is provided by the Palm Beach County Public School District.


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CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

12364 Environmental Center Road
Holt, FL 32564

(850) 957-3600



Santa Rosa Juvenile Residential Facility is an environmentally secure medium risk wilderness program located in Blackwater State forest. Offering a full range of services to male youth between the ages of 14 and 18.  The program emphasizes structured learning, cognitive behavioral skills training and cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills training, academics, pre-vocational and vocational training, and life skills. A R.O.P.E.S. course is also part of the curriculum. Program provides community service projects in conjunction with the Division of Forestry. The average length of stay is 6-9 months. The facility is based on the principles of Restorative Justice.


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